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Metallica - ...And Justice For All Album
Metallica - ...And Justice For All Album
Performer: Metallica
Title: ...And Justice For All
Label: Blackened Recordings
Country: Europe
Released: 02 Nov 2018
Style: Heavy Metal, Thrash
Cat: BLCKND007RD-1
Rating: 4.1/5
Format: MP3, FLAC, WMA
FLAC size: 2677 mb | MP3 size: 1605 mb | WMA size: 2519 mb
Genre: Rock

1Guitar Solo (Live)06:36
2Am I Evil? (Live)04:09
3KHDX Interview with Kirk10:14
4Leper Messiah (Live)05:35
5One (November 1987 Demo)07:08
6Battery (Live)06:17
7"One" Videos(25:03)
8One (November 1987, Writing In Progress)02:17
9Bass Solo (Live)07:30
10The Frayed Ends Of Sanity (1987, From James’ Riff Tapes)01:39
11Dyers Eve (1987, From James’ Riff Tapes)06:05
12…And Justice For All (Live)07:05
13 B-Sides
14Whiplash (Live)05:36
16Buffalo (Featuring Blackened)8:40
17Fade To Black10:17
18Guitar Solo (Live)06:15
19Leiden (Featuring Fade To Black)0:32
20Eye of the Beholder06:26
21Seek & Destroy (Live)09:01
22For Whom The Bell Tolls5:33
23Battery (Live)04:54
24One (Live)08:08
25…And Justice For All (Work In Progress Rough Mix)09:49
26San Francisco (Featuring Welcome Home (Sanitarium))1:31
27Creeping Death (Recorded Live At Reunion Arena, Dallas, Tx On February 5th, 1989)08:10
28To Live Is to Die (1988, From James’ Riff Tapes)00:57
29São Paulo (Night #1) (Featuring The Frayed End Of Sanity)4:15
30Am I Evil?5:54
31The Band14:50
32Last Caress1:33
34Backstage Shit8:19
36 CD 3 & 4: Riffs, Jams & Demos
37Seek & Destroy (Recorded Live At Reunion Arena, Dallas, Tx On February 5th, 1989)08:43
38"One" Music Video7:44
39The Shortest Straw (1986, From James’ Riff Tapes Ii)00:46
40Dyers Eve05:13
41For Whom The Bell Tolls (Recorded Live At Reunion Arena, Dallas, Tx On February 5th, 1989)04:47
42Bass Solo7:32
43One (Work In Progress Rough Mix)07:13
45Blackened (October 1987, Writing In Progress)03:23
46Harvester of Sorrow (Live)06:10
47Irvine (Night #3) (Featuring Battery, Breadfan & Am I Evil?)12:59
48 "One" Videos
49Eye Of The Beholder (Live)06:05
50One (Live)08:12
51Last Caress (Live)01:20
52 DVD 3: Live At The Stone Balloon, Newark, DE - August 7th, 1988
54 CD 5: Rough Mixes From The Vault
55Encore Jam3:36
56…And Justice For All11:53
57…And Justice For All (October 1987, Writing In Progress)00:58
58Raw Live Footage (Live At RPI Field House, Troy, NY - March 15th, 1989)(17:54)
59Harvester of Sorrow05:45
60One (1987, From James’ Riff Tapes)02:22
61Raw Live Footage (Live At Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario - April 8th, 1989(19:16)
63The Ecstasy of Gold01:59
642 Of One Introduction With Lars6:04
65 CD 6 & 7: Live At The Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA - May 24th, 1988 + B-Sides
66Creeping Death (Live)07:50
68Fade To Black8:36
69...And Justice For All09:45
70Harvester Of Sorrow05:45
71Harvester Of Sorrow (Live)05:12
72To Live Is to Die (Work in Progress Rough Mix)08:56
73...And Justice for All09:45
74Blackened (Live)06:37
75For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live)05:30
76Concord (Featuring Seek & Destroy)1:19
77For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live)04:32
78Eye Of The Beholder (January 1988 Demo)06:32
79 Raw Live Footage (Live At RPI Field House, Troy, NY - March 15th, 1989)
80Whiplash (Live)03:52
82The Thing That Should Not Be (Live)07:08
83Blackened (1987, From James’ Riff Tapes)00:36
84Last Caress (Live)01:19
85…And Justice for All (1988, From James’ Riff Tapes)00:43
86…And Justice For All (October 1987, Writing In Progress Ii)01:27
87Encore Jam (Live)00:49
88Eye Of The Beholder (November 1987 Demo)06:30
89Bass Solo (Live)06:18
90Master Of Puppets10:03
91To Live Is To Die (1986, From James’ Riff Tapes)01:31
92Irvine (Night #2) (Featuring For Whom The Bell Tolls)5:42
93Richfield (Featuring Creeping Death)3:21
94Breadfan (Recorded Live At Seattle Coliseum, Seattle, Wa On August 30th, 1989)04:16
95To Live Is To Die (November 1987, Writing In Progress)00:55
96Auckland (Featuring Battery)5:22
97 CD 1: ...And Justice For All - Remastered
98Welcome Home (Sanitarium)7:23
99One (October 1987, Writing In Progress)01:09
100Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Live)06:10
101Harvester Of Sorrow (December 1987, Writing In Progress)05:21
102Harvester Of Sorrow5:39
103The Four Horsemen (Live)05:49
104The Four Horsemen (Live)06:00
105Master Of Puppets8:38
106Breadfan (Live)04:43
107Last Caress (Live)01:21
108Welcome Home (Sanitarium)7:07
109Eye Of The Beholder06:26
110Master Of Puppets (Live)09:00
113São Paulo (Night #2) (Featuring Master Of Puppets & Breadfan)5:31
114Dyers Eve (Work in Progress Rough Mix)05:23
115The Frayed Ends Of Sanity (November 1987, Writing In Progress)07:56
116Seek & Destroy10:39
117Blitzkrieg (Live)05:38
118 DVD 1: ...And Camcorders For All & "One"
119Fade To Black (Live)08:10
120The Road Crew15:35
121One (Recorded Live At Seattle Coliseum, Seattle, Wa On August 29th, 1989)07:12
122Eye Of The Beholder (Live)06:06
123Master Of Puppets (Live)07:37
125Battery (Live)05:15
127Damage, Inc.9:52
128Fade To Black2:48
129 CD 10 & 11: Live At Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA - December 7, 1988 + More
130No Remorse7:30
131Atlanta (Featuring ...And Justice For All)1:51
132 LP 1 & 2: ...And Justice For All - Remastered On 180 Gram Vinyl
133The Fans7:48
134Guitar Solo (Live)05:53
135Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Live)06:59
136Master Of Puppets4:34
137...And Justice For All (Live)11:00
138KNAC Report From LA Monsters Of Rock00:43
139Damage, Inc. (Live)03:58
140Harvester Of Sorrow (Work In Progress Rough Mix)05:47
141The Shortest Straw (December 1987, Writing In Progress)06:45
142Seek & Destroy8:24
143To Live Is To Die (Acoustic Intro) (Work In Progress Rough Mix)02:39
144 Masa Ito Interviews
145Bass Solo7:37
146Circus Magazine Interview with James25:15
147Eye Of The Beholder (Radio Edit)05:58
148Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Live)06:27
149Am I Evil?4:16
153Whiplash (Live)04:00
154The Ecstasy Of Gold2:03
155Breadfan (Remastered)05:43
156Seek & Destroy (Live)06:57
157Osaka (Featuring ...And Justice For All)9:58
158 LP 3: One - 10" Picture Disc
159Leper Messiah (Live)05:45
160For Whom The Bell Tolls5:07
162Master Of Puppets (Live)07:28
163"One" B-Roll(30:57)
164Guitar Solo6:55
165Metal Forces Magazine Interview With Lars33:24
166The Four Horsemen6:13
168Fade To Black (Live)07:20
169Eye of the Beholder (1987, From James’ Riff Tapes II)00:37
170Last Caress (Live)01:54
171…And Justice For All (November 1987, Writing In Progress)08:25
172Eye of the Beholder (1987, From James’ Riff Tapes)01:28
173Seek & Destroy (Live at Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX – February 5th, 1989)08:43
174The Frayed Ends Of Sanity07:43
175Seek & Destroy1:55
176KSDT Interview With Jason10:03
177...And Camcorders For All(1:34:39)
178Harvester Of Sorrow (Live)06:47
179Fade To Black (Live)06:46
180The Frayed Ends of Sanity07:43
181Live At The Stone Balloon, Newark, De - August 7th, 1988(02:09:29)
182Dyers Eve (January 1988 Demo)06:01
183Blackened (Work in Progress Rough Mix)06:01
184The Prince (Work In Progress Rough Mix)04:25
185…And Justice for All (1987, From James’ Riff Tapes)02:38
186Justice On Wheels(43:19)
187Hit The Lights4:21
188Philadelphia (Featuring Leper Messiah)0:45
190The Frayed Ends Of Sanity (Work In Progress Rough Mix)07:42
192The Thing That Should Not Be6:56
193Last Caress1:17
194Creeping Death7:30
195Hoffman Estates (Featuring Harvester Of Sorrow & The Four Horsemen)1:07
196Encore Jam #2 (Live)03:31
197Welcome Home (Sanitarium)(Recorded Live At Reunion Arena, Dallas, Tx On February 5th, 1989)06:06
198…And Justice For All (November 1987 Demo)08:18
199The Frayed Ends Of Sanity (November 1987 Demo)07:37
201Fade To Black (Live)06:32
202Biloxi (Featuring One)8:35
203 CD 2: Interviews
204Battery (Live)04:44
206Harvester Of Sorrow (January 1988 Demo)05:50
207Live At Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, Ca - September 15th, 1989(02:23:28)
208More Band4:08
209The Prince (Remastered)04:26
210Dallas (Featuring Eye Of The Beholder)6:09
211 Raw Live Footage (Live At JFL Stadium, Philadelphia, PA - June 11th ,1988)
212Breadfan (Work in Progress Rough Mix)05:38
213Eye Of The Beholder (Work In Progress Rough Mix)06:32
214 Live at UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL - November 18th, 1988
216Encore Jam (Live)01:26
217 DVD 2: Live At Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, Ca - September 15th 1989
218 Raw Live Footage (Live At Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario - April 8th, 1989
219The Shortest Straw (January 1988 Demo)06:47
220"One" (Live At The 31st Annual Grammy Awards)6:12
221Master of Puppets (Live)08:50
223For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live)04:29
225Harvester Of Sorrow (1987, From James’ Riff Tapes)01:09
226Damage, Inc.7:55
227San Antonio (Featuring Battery)6:46
228The Ecstasy of Gold0:55
229Eye Of The Beholder (November 1987, Writing In Progress)06:51
230One (Radio Edit)05:02
232Harvester Of Sorrow (Live)05:20
233…And Justice For All (Live)09:47
234 CD 8 & 9: Live At The Hammersmith Odeon, London, England - October 10th, 1988 + Radio Edits
235The Shortest Straw (Work In Progress Rough Mix)06:39
236Blackened (1987, From James’ Riff Tapes II)03:09
237Dyers Eve (November 1987, Writing In Progress)05:42
239Barcelona (Featuring Harvester Of Sorrow)5:03
240 Radio Edits
241The Four Horsemen (Live)05:14
242Raw Live Footage (Live At JFL Stadium, Philadelphia, PA - June 11th ,1988)(09:04)
243Encore Jam #2 (Live)01:04
244Encore Jam (Live)01:02
245Blackened (November 1987 Demo)05:58
246Harvester Of Sorrow7:02
247Masa Ito Interviews, Conducted by Masa Ito in Troy, NY on March 15th, 1989(47:13)
248To Live Is To Die (January 1988 Demo)10:04
249The Shortest Straw06:35
251Dyers Eve (1986, From James’ Riff Tapes)01:11
252Thornville (Featuring Blackened)3:11
253...And Justice For All (Radio Edit)05:59
254The Four Horsemen5:45
255One (Live)09:27
256 Justice On Wheels - A Muchmusic Documentary
257Seek & Destroy (Live)07:18
258Am I Evil? (Live)03:44
259 Dvd 4: Justice On Wheels, Masa Ito Interviews, Raw Live Footage
260Seek & Destroy12:21
261Whiplash (Live)04:19
263Am I Evil? (Live)03:45
264Creeping Death8:21
266To Live Is to Die09:48
268Last Caress (Recorded Live At Seattle Coliseum, Seattle, Wa On August 30th, 1989)01:39
269The Video3:22
270"One" (Jammin' Version) Music Video5:03
272Encore Jam (Live)02:49
273Phantom Lord4:29
274Master Of Puppets8:36
275Creeping Death (Live)06:54
276Blackened (Live)02:01
277Seek & Destroy (Live)07:09
278 LP 4-6: Seattle '89
279The Shortest Straw (1986, From James’ Riff Tapes)01:46
280Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Live)06:46
281Bass Solo (Live)06:46
282The Shortest Straw (October 1987, Writing In Progress)00:52
283Creeping Death (Live)07:13
284Harvester Of Sorrow (Recorded Live At Seattle Coliseum, Seattle, Wa On August 29th, 1989)06:19


CategoryArtistTitle (Format)LabelCategoryCountryYear
60812-1, 9 60812-1Metallica ...And Justice For All ‎(2xLP, Album)Elektra, Elektra60812-1, 9 60812-1US1988
9 60812-4, 60812-4Metallica ...And Justice For All ‎(Cass, Album)Elektra, Elektra9 60812-4, 60812-4US1988
836 062-4, CP 1171Metallica ...And Justice For All ‎(Cass, Album, RE)Vertigo, Universal836 062-4, CP 1171South KoreaUnknown
BLCKND007R-4Metallica ...And Justice For All ‎(Cass, Album, Ltd, RM)Blackened RecordingsBLCKND007R-4Europe2018
noneMetallica ...And Justice For All ‎(Cass, Album, Unofficial)Not On Label (Metallica)noneBulgariaUnknown


  • BassJason Newsted
  • DrumsLars Ulrich
  • Edited ByDan Nykolayko (tracks: CD 2)
  • Edited By [Digital Editing]Dan Monti (tracks: LP 4-6)
  • EngineerFlemming Rasmussen (tracks: LP 1 & LP 2, CD 1, E)
  • Engineer [Additional Engineering]Toby "Rage" Wright (tracks: LP 1 & LP 2, CD 1, E)
  • Engineer [Assistant Mixing Engineering]George Cowan (tracks: LP 1 & LP 2, CD 1, E)
  • Lacquer Cut ByChris Bellman
  • Lead GuitarKirk Hammett
  • Mastered By [Originally]Bob Ludwig (tracks: LP 1 & LP 2, CD 1, E)
  • Mixed ByGreg Fidelman (tracks: LP 4-6), Hetfield (tracks: F, CD7-11 to CD7-14), Ulrich (tracks: F, CD7-11 to CD7-14), Patrice Levinsohn (tracks: F), Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero (tracks: LP 1 & LP 2, CD 1, E)
  • Mixed By [Rough Mix]Flemming Rasmussen (tracks: CD5-1 to CD5-10, CD7-5, CD7-6), Mike Clink (tracks: CD5-11, CD5-12)
  • ProducerFlemming Rasmussen (tracks: LP 1 & LP 2, CD 1, E), Metallica (tracks: LP 1 & LP 2, CD 1, E)
  • Recorded ByGuy Charbonneau (tracks: LP 4-6, CD7-11 to CD7-14)
  • Reissue ProducerGreg Fidelman
  • Remastered ByReuben Cohen (tracks: LP 1 & LP 2, CD 1, E)
  • Rhythm GuitarJames Hetfield
  • Transferred ByAli Stuebner (tracks: LP 4-6, CD5-9, CD7-5 to CD7-10, CD9-10 to CD9-12), Bob Pfeifer (tracks: LP 4-6, CD5-9, CD7-5 to CD7-10, CD9-10 to CD9-12), Tal Miller (tracks: LP 4-6, CD5-9, CD7-5 to CD7-10, CD9-10 to CD9-12), Terry Delsing (tracks: LP 4-6, CD5-9, CD7-5 to CD7-10, CD9-10 to CD9-12), Tim Merrill (tracks: LP 4-6, CD5-9, CD7-5 to CD7-10, CD9-10 to CD9-12)
  • Transferred By, Mixed ByKent Matcke (tracks: CD 3, CD 4, CD5-1 to CD5-8, CD5-10 to CD5-12, CD6, CD7-1 to CD7-4, CD8, CD9-1 to CD9-9, CD10, CD11)


Limited edition deluxe numbered box set of …And Justice for All includes the album remastered on 180-gram double LP and CD, three live LPs, picture disc, eleven CDs + four DVDs featuring unreleased content, MP3 download card of all audio, tour laminate, set of four patches, Pushead print, lyric folder and sheets, and a 120-page hardcover book with never-before-seen photos + stories.


  • Barcode (Scanned): 602567598770
  • Barcode (Text): 6 02567 59877 0


  • Phonographic Copyright (p) – Blackened Recordings
  • Copyright (c) – Blackened Recordings
  • Copyright (c) – Creeping Death Music
  • Licensed To – Universal International Music B.V.
  • Manufactured By – Blackened Recordings
  • Recorded At – One On One Studios
  • Mixed At – Bearsville Studios
  • Mastered At – Masterdisk
  • Remastered At – Lurssen Mastering
  • Lacquer Cut At – Bernie Grundman Mastering
  • Recorded At – Reunion Arena
  • Recorded At – Seattle Center Coliseum
  • Recorded At – Lars' House In El Cerrito
  • Recorded At – The Troubadour
  • Recorded At – Hammersmith Odeon
  • Recorded At – Long Beach Arena
  • Recorded At – Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View
  • Recorded At – The Stone Balloon, Newark
  • Recorded At – JFK Stadium, Philadelphia
  • Recorded At – RPI Field House
  • Recorded At – Copps Coliseum, Hamilton


And Justice for All is the fourth studio album by American heavy metal band Metallica, released on September 7, 1988 via Elektra Records. This was the last album to feature songwriting contributions from Cliff Burton, and the first to feature contributions from his replacement, Jason Newsted, following the fatal bus accident on September 27, 1986. Metallica recorded the album with producer Flemming Rasmussen over four months in early 1988 at One on One Recording Studios in Los Angeles. It features. And Justice for All - Metallica. Лента с персональными рекомендациями и музыкальными новинками, радио, подборки на любой вкус, удобное управление своей коллекцией. Band: Metallica Album:. And Justice for All Released: August 25, 1988 Genre: Thrash Metal. And Justice For All. Released September 07, 1988. Producer: Metallica with Flemming Rasmussen Engineer: Flemming Rasmussen Assistant Engineer: Toby Wright Special Thanks to Mike Clink for engineering drum tracks on The Shortest Straw and Harvester of Sorrow. Mixed by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero. Recorded & Mixed at One on One, Los Angeles, CA from January to May of 1988 Mastered by Bob Ludwig Remastered in 1995 by George Marino. Cover Concept: Hetfield & Ulrich Cover Illustration: Stephen Gorman Photography: Ross Halfin Hammer Illustration: Pushead Design & Layout: Reiner Design Consultants, Inc. And Justice For All - Metallica. Metallica Justice For All 1988. The album deals with many dark themes, including corruption, death, murder, blacklisting, and Justice for All can be considered Metallica's most political album, although the band has refrained from taking much of a political stance throughout their history. Ищете треки из альбома And Justice for All исполнителя Metallica Тогда заходите на наш сайт - слушайте музыку онлайн и скачивайте бесплатно. And Justice for All, released on August 25th, 1988, was Metallicas first studio album following the tragic death of bassist Cliff Burton. The looming darkness heavily influenced both of the bands leaders, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. The lyrics to the songs on the album were summed up as the CNN Years , where both would watch the news and James would write based on what dissatisfied him. And Justice for All was confirmed to be getting a remastering and reissue just like what the band had done with their previous three studio albums. On November 2nd, 2018, the remaster was released to the public on all music streaming services and retail stores. Формируйте собственную коллекцию записей Metallica. And Justice For All . Y Justicia Para Todos Cass, Album, MP. Vertigo, PolyGram. Продать эту версию


Comments (21)
If this is really the ultimate... AJFA box it should contain the 45rpm 4lp copy of the album surely, although you do get a lot for your money
This is an absolute banger of a box set. Each box set gets better than the last as far as content goes. well constructed, tons of live, interview and demo material. The seattle show included on LP is fucking superb. well worth the price. I'd certainly pull the trigger on this before the prices go up.
Amazing box set for sure!! Mine had everything it said it would, minus being numbered with the M logo on the back bottom right corner, the way all three previous box sets are, Kill Em All thru Puppets. Any ideas what that is about?
must be a one off, because my box is numbered in the same location like the other box sets
mine has 2 times CD 3 but misses CD 4,
Got a new box but DVD 1 is missing. Got DVD 2 two times - if there is anyone here that has got DVD 1 two times please contact me!
Man I only want the seatle record. I guess it's not available as a standalone?
Got the box set as a gift and I have been very happy with it. The only problem is that it is missing the interview disc. I tried contacted Blackened Records but they wouldn't help me. Amazon wanted to send a whole replacement but because it was a gift I didn't and I feared it wouldn't solve the problem.
My version is has 3 CD's of Hammersmith Odeon (I got CD 1 two times) but misses the Long Beach CD 2, anyone else got this issue? It was a fresh box and unopened.
I have CD 11 (Long Beach CD 2) in place of CD 9 (Hammersmith CD 2). As far as I understood, the quality control on this release was crappy... Did you contact anyone to ask for a replacement?
This numbered version is limited to 30000 copies. Sticker at the bottom on the box
This box is huge, the puppets box was massive but this just dwarfs it! The black album box will have an insane amount of content. Anyway I never missed the bass but this remaster certainly has a touch more without ruining the sound like the various abominations on youtube with added bass.
Agreed the added bass versions on youtube are totally out of place and nonsensical. The equivalent of a version of primus “without all that annoying over the top bass”
Without a doubt this Seattle 89' sounds stellar and makes the whole set worth every penny...
agreed. Hetfield in his prime. this is a blistering set
anyone else got an extra pushead print and a fifth patch or am I just lucky? the fifth patch was on its own envelope outside the box, I thought the guys from metallica forgot one patch so they had to send it this way, was it 4 or 5? I bought it from EMP sweden but there was no promo going on when I bought it so I don't know if it was an extra goodie from EMP, same size as the other patches. And the 2 copies of the print is just good luck but, am I the only one?
As far as I know the added patch was a EMP exclusive patch and limited to 500 - that was the info on EMP Germany
Holy cow that sucks! if I were you I would contact the seller asap, send pics and everything as a proof, it is fixable I would say.
I had 3 extra patches, unfortunate my box set misses CD 2 of Hammersmith Odeon, instead I have 2 CD's of disc 1 from the Long Beach CD.
Extra patch was for preordering, some shops added it as a gift. Amazon.com didnt unfortunately for me.
In places, the bass on the 2018 reissue is actually more audible compared to my other version (the 1988 CD). It's still very quiet, and there's not much you can do with a remaster, but it's definitely more audible (comparable to some of the tracks on Hardwired at times, where the bass is hardly loud [e.g. on the title track]). It's hard to imagine what the bass 'should' have sounded like, and whether louder bass would work for the album, but you get an idea from the demos and the 'work in progress rough mix' CDs that come with the boxset, although obviously the bass is nowhere near as polished as you'd expect it would have for the final mix.